Updated my shop with Renegade waifs and strays including this pyramid of naked girls about to get it on. Give them a home HERE.


Fresh kiln unload that I'll be selling at Renegade craft fair in London 9/10th Nov (details here).
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Oh the joys of over-firing (and to a lesser extent shoddy phone pics). The kiln reverted to factory settings and went to town on a whole kiln full (the pieces on the left) I've spent the last month or so remaking EVERYTHING and just got it back from the glaze firing in all their neon glory. Such sweet relief when I saw real colours. 
Kind of into the the Francis Bacon vs. Andy Warhol vibes though. 


My work along with some amazing other artists is currently for sale in the Buy Some Damn Art young artist show. Browse away here. Immortalised forever as a 23 year old as the deadline was days before my 24th!


Ceramics in progress. after the first firing, before the second. I've started using underglaze to achieve fine detail. It's exciting (daunting) to see how they'll turn out after the glaze firing, the colours should be brighter but you never know. More in between things on flickr.


To clear my desk/shelf space for my new spring break collection (boobs, swimming pools and neon) these spoons and everything else in the shop are 40% off with code SPRINGBREAK40 until the end of august. Go get your summer shop on.


A selection from my most recent kiln unload, no nasty surprises this time, I'm finally getting how the process works. I used brush on glazes rather than dip in to have more control over glaze thickness, it totally worked!
These (along with lots of other stuff) will be in the shop in the next couple of days, keep your eyes peeled!


A couple of experiments, lost a nipple and the cats are a bit crusty, clay is a cruel and complicated misstress but I love her. There is new stuff in the shop that came out crust free.


Branching out a little with colour, the yellow is bordering on dayglo. It kinda looks like I'm really into The Simpsons, I'm not.
These babies are in the shop NOW!


New girls fresh outta the kiln and in the shop.
I've been mixing some glazes together and am really into the melting faces they produce, only downside is I painted some serious nipples on these ladies which seem to have melted right off.


A few new sketches, including some ideas for ceramics coming up in the next few weeks. I started painting the skulls whilst watching Sons of Anarchy, I like to make zero effort to be inspired.
Also use the code GIRLS10 in the shop for 10% off.


Some ink drawings. 
When I drew the boobs I was listening to One Direction. I think it shows. 


Cheeky little digital repeat pattern. Trying to make friends with my wacom.


My pal Amy Wells is producing a play and asked me to design the poster.
So here it is in all it's glory, no girls in sight.
This is the first time I've gone all out 21st century and used my wacom for the whole thing.
Check out the 'boys' here https://twitter.com/BoysSuTCo